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Pianist turned dentist. Get to know our doctor, Dr. Laura B. Ousley!

I was in 3rd grade when I asked for my first chemistry set for

Christmas. I was amazed with all the beakers, test tubes, and

experiments. I studied pre-med classes while in high school and college

with the hopes of becoming a doctor one day. My uncle graduated

from Baylor Dental School and hired me as an assistant when I was 16

and this led me to take an interest in Dentistry. At the age of 18, I

developed TMD or temporomandibular disorder and had to have

treatment and surgery to correct some of the issues. After dental

school I pursued a career in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and Dental

Sleep Medicine. Following Dental school at the University of Oklahoma

Dental School, I practiced three wonderful years with Robert L. Talley,

DDS learning about TMD and Holistic Dentistry studying with the

famous Hal Huggins, DDS.

dentist in dental coat
Dr. Laura B. Ousley

I then opened my first practice from scratch in 1996 and my second practice in Guthrie, Oklahoma, five years after that. Opening a practice from scratch is a daunting endeavor and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. My practice has always been mercury free and metal free with a knowledge of dental materials reactivity. I became a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine which allows me to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea patients who do not wish or need to wear a CPAP machine. My passion is to serve the community with a knowledgeable dental practice that is compassionate and kind to patients, in a comfortable atmosphere.

I am also a trained pianist and spent 15 years practicing the piano

and earned a full scholarship to Oklahoma City University in Piano

Performance. This time of my life was full of school, friends, and fun!

You know it was 1986, so of course it was the best time to be alive! My

piano taught me to handle stress while performing and also a very

disciplined attitude towards my career. I was told in my dental school

interview that if I was able to practice two hours a day then dental

school would not be difficult. I disagreed after the first year of classes

but was happy for the encouragement that statement gave me.

I married my high school sweetheart and had three beautiful

children. He served as a Village Police Officer for 25 years before

retiring and starting his own construction company, D&L Construction.

He has been doing construction for over 30 years. Our children are all

married and have wonderful careers. My husband and I enjoy spending

time with them and the grandchildren. I spend my free time usually

planning the next big “project” or reading and crocheting. I recently

discovered a knack for painting and have started learning more about

that hobby.

I have decorated the office with many antiques and the quite

famous “old people pictures.” These pictures are not of my relatives,

but we have made names and stories about them. They might be one

of my favorite things in the office that most patients enjoy too. We are

a very friendly and talkative office where hollering might happen from

room to room. do encourage this kind of behavior but the elusive “HR”

boss frowns on occasion.

After 30 years of practicing dentistry, I have enjoyed my personal

practice which allows my freedom to practice what I enjoy while having

a beautiful family life. Having had many career path choices, I am

extremely proud to have become a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

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