Winter time projects

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Sinnce the December holidays ended, I have been very productive!!! I love the time between New Years and spring break. It is a time to relax and accomplish projects inside before the outside work begins in the spring. I have cleaned out closets and started finishing those projects that require time. I have read a couple of books and started crocheting an afghan blanket. I love watching tv also during this time. All the new shows have restarted and are very entertaining. Netflix may be our new downfall to getting anything else accomplished. Can you believe how easy it is now to watch past tv series? I definitely have to limit my tv viewing if I want to keep getting things done. I am very much a person who has to accomplish something productive at all times.
We have tackled some projects around the dental office also. Each year I look at what things I can improve with either equipment or a new product. When you’re in for your next appointment we have a new intraoral camera which shows areas of concern. We love being able to demonstrate decay instead of just talking about it. We also are still offing our 20 minute in-office bleach technique. Several shades of lightening is possible at your 6-month appointments. The latest product we offer to our patients is oral probiotics. These probiotics are similar to colon probiotics but are specific to the oral cavity. They replace the bad bacteria for a defensive bacteria that helps fight oral decay and periodontal disease. We have already seen remarkable improvements to our patients who are using them. We are still encouraging all of our patients to invest in a Sonicare electric toothbrush. The results have been tremendous.
If you’re due for a cleaning, call and get scheduled soon. Now’s the time to get projects accomplished! Summer is just around the corner.