Preventing tooth decay

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Best ways to prevent tooth decay:

1. Increase the amount of arginine in the diet: eat more spinach,soy, seafood, and nuts.

2. Brush with baking soda. If you do not like the taste of baking soda, Apply toothpaste to the brush , then dip it in a little baking soda.

3. The use of a rechargeable electric toothbrush. This allows for optimal cleaning no matter what the patients abilities are. We recommend a sonic care. It has ultrasonic movement and also different settings. It also has a two minute timer for longer brushing habits.

4. Xylitol is a great preventive aid. Patients should aim for a xylitol intake of six grams per day. Tell patients to look for gum that has xylitol listed as the first ingredient. The American dental association has endorsed a few leading brands: orbit, trident, stride, and wrigleys sugar free gums. Xylitol gums can be purchased online also.

5. Use of oral probiotics replaces harming bacteria with disease fighting bacteria. A simple mint that contains three beneficial bacteria has a by-product of hydrogen peroxide which fights all disease bacterias while providing a whitening effect to the teeth.