Oral probiotics

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Digestive probiotics have been very popular in commercials, magazines , and health care. Very little attention has been given to oral probiotics.
Probiotic dental therapy is defined as daily administration of certain live microorganisms through a mint tablet. Probiotics work by replacing existing disease-causing bacteria with harmless bacteria. The mint has three naturally occurring live bacteria from the species of streptococcus. The patient dissolves one mint in the mouth per day. The bacteria are released and compete with various bad bacteria reducing the chance for disease. The probiotic bacteria colonize in and around the gums where a by-product of their metobolism is hydrogen-peroxide. This low-dose by-product of hydrogen peroxide is toxic to the bad bacteria. Not only is it fighting bad bacteria but also has some whitening side-effects which are beneficial. Evorapro is available through our office to accelerate the repopulation of beneficial of beneficial bacteria.