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Holistic Dentistry

At the office of Laura B. Ousley, DDS, we are not only dedicated to maintaining your oral health, but your overall body health. We practice dentistry with your health in mind, using metal-free, fluoride-free treatment.


  • Amalgam Removal

  • Metal-Free Dentistry

Holistic dentistry emphasizes an approach to dental care that considers your dental health in the context of your overall health and well-being. Also known as biological dentistry, biocompatible dentistry or alternative dentistry, it focuses on promoting your overall health and wellness.

Dentists who practice holistic dentistry work to ensure that each treatment they provide is safe and has a positive impact on your overall well-being. Holistic dental care may involve:

  • Amalgam removal to get rid of silver fillings that contain mercury

  • BPA-free dentistry — bisphenol A can lead to the localized destruction of hard dental tissues and should be avoided

  • Digital X-rays, which produce up to 90% less radiation than standard X-rays

  • Metal-free dentistry — only composite, porcelain, ceramic or other nonmetallic materials are used to provide your fillings, crowns and other restorations

  • Chemical-free sterilization systems

  • Fluoride-free options available

  • And much more!

Each treatment is designed to be biocompatible and minimally invasive, meaning that your treatment will work with your body to produce the best results and speed your healing time. The goal of holistic dentistry is to limit your body’s encounters with toxins and promote a positive relationship between your oral and overall health. Dr. Ousley believes in each tooth being related to certain meridians of the body which can cause ill effects if the tooth is not healthy.

For more information about holistic dentistry and to make your appointment with our dentist, please call our office today.

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