blue jeans and dental whitening

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They say blue jeans are a dying fad!!!  It’s been on the Today Show and other substantial forms of medias.  Trying to invent a new craze is the latest goal to sell more jeans,  but Blue Jeans have been around since the late 1880’s and I don’t feel they are any where near a dying fad!  Jeans will always be part of our fashion statement along with a great white shirt and bright white teeth.   Whitening teeth comes and goes depending on what product is being advertised and pushed at the time.  It should always be part of our 6 month cleaning regiment to improve and maintain pearly whites.  Just like jeans, there are many different products to make us look the best that we can.  Get on out there and explore some great fitting jeans and get those pearly whites shining.  Our office offers a simple twenty minute whitening technique.  It involves a comfy chair and watching tv while relaxing.  Like us on Facebook and receive a special discount for patients of record.