Our experienced dentist, Dr. Laura B. Ousley, is pleased to provide biological dentistry. Sometimes referred to as holistic dentistry, biological dentistry is a special approach to dental care. In biological dentistry, we provide all dental treatments with the understanding that your oral health is an integral component of your overall wellbeing. We are conscious of the fact that any procedure or treatment that is performed in your mouth has an impact on the total health of your body. We strive to provide dental care that has a minimal impact on your overall health and has no negative effects. For example, we do not use amalgam (silver) fillings at our dental office. Amalgam fillings are approximately 50% mercury, and research has shown that the mercury in amalgam fillings may be potentially toxic and unsafe for your body. We are a mercury-free dental office and we work hard to always provide you with the highest level of dental care that is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. To discover more about the benefits of biological and holistic dentistry in Oklahoma City and Guthrie, Oklahoma, we invite you to call or visit us today. Our friendly dental team is happy to answer your questions and schedule your next visit with Dr. Laura B. Ousley!