Winter time projects

Sinnce the December holidays ended, I have been very productive!!! I love the time between New Years and spring break. It is a time to relax and accomplish projects inside before the outside work begins in the spring. I have cleaned out closets and started finishing those projects that require time. I have read a… Read more »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cavities

According to the National Institutes of Health, cavities are the second-most common health disorder in the United States, after the common cold. Indeed, cavities are a common problem worldwide. As long as a person is old enough to have teeth, cavities can occur, regardless of age. What Is a Cavity? A cavity is a permanently… Read more »

Preventing tooth decay

Best ways to prevent tooth decay: 1. Increase the amount of arginine in the diet: eat more spinach,soy, seafood, and nuts. 2. Brush with baking soda. If you do not like the taste of baking soda, Apply toothpaste to the brush , then dip it in a little baking soda. 3. The use of a… Read more »

Oral probiotics

Digestive probiotics have been very popular in commercials, magazines , and health care. Very little attention has been given to oral probiotics. Probiotic dental therapy is defined as daily administration of certain live microorganisms through a mint tablet. Probiotics work by replacing existing disease-causing bacteria with harmless bacteria. The mint has three naturally occurring live… Read more »

Beautiful teeth!!!

Beautiful teeth Some people just don’t understand the meaning of beautiful teeth. We look at ourselves in a mirror many times a day only to quickly fix our hair, or touch up our makeup, or just to make sure we our presentable. When we really spend time looking at our teeth , do we just… Read more »

blue jeans and dental whitening

They say blue jeans are a dying fad!!!  It’s been on the Today Show and other substantial forms of medias.  Trying to invent a new craze is the latest goal to sell more jeans,  but Blue Jeans have been around since the late 1880’s and I don’t feel they are any where near a dying… Read more »